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Mud Scrub Cream
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Reviews (9)
  • w****e
    The smell is very delicate and light. After using it, there is still a fragrance on the skin, just like spraying perfume, and the rubbing effect is very good!
    7 Days Ago
  • m****s
    It is really a sharp tool for exfoliation. Press it on your hands and rub it for a while, and the dead skin cuticles will be rubbed out on your hands. fragrance
    7 Days Ago
  • a****h
    A friend recommended it to me. I bought three bottles at a time. It can be used for a long time. The taste is fresh. After using it, the effect is really good. The more you rub it, the more moist it feels, and it doesn’t take long to rub out the mud. It’s a great sense of accomplishment. It has a faint fragrance, and smelling it at night can also promote sleep, which is great
    7 Days Ago
  • c****k
    It is packaged in plastic film, the capacity is super large, it can be used for a long time, the smell is good and the fragrance lasts for a long time, and the effect of rubbing mud is amazing~ The key is that it is easy to use and not expensive, sisters can wash it! The ingredients are safe and suitable for all skin types
    7 Days Ago
  • g****s
    In spring, the skin is dry and prone to a little dry skin. In addition to normal cleaning, the rubbing mud will clean it better. It is very convenient to rub the mud.
    7 Days Ago
  • f****s
    Gently rubbing it on the hands first, the dirt particles formed can be easily washed away with water, and the skin is smooth after washing. Sure enough, I did not buy the wrong thing, and the fragrance is also my favorite. Gentle and non-irritating, the price is also affordable, it does not hurt the skin at all, it is really perfect
    7 Days Ago
  • d****a
    Refreshing and long-lasting fragrance, good cleaning effect, non-sticky hair, rubbing on the body is refreshing and cool, and there is no gluey feeling! When the product arrived, I tried to wash my face, and it washed off all the dead skin on my face in the past few days
    7 Days Ago
  • q****x
    I tried it out, the effect is very good, I can really rub off the mud, rinse it with water, it is clean, and it saves effort, the smell is fresh, the skin is not tight and moist after use, I will buy it again after use
    7 Days Ago
  • h****y
    I love to sweat very much, I use a towel in the shower, and my skin is very hot. A friend recommended this mud rubbing treasure, saying that it is clean and does not irritate the skin. Decisively start a bottle to try. It's really easy to use, and the mud and ash all fall off when you rub it lightly. slippery skin
    7 Days Ago
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