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Handheld Hanging Iron
US$ 47.40 >US$ 79.00
Reviews (14)
  • Q****b
    Things quickly received, very delicate. Add water, plugged into the power soon hot, the heating surface is also very even. Try ironing a piece of clothing, with a very smooth!
    7 Days Ago
  • F****S
    Buy ironing machine today to try the effect, or more practical, small and compact, cheap and affordable, I bought a small, a few dozen dollars to use very convenient for small families with little clothing or travel, or the necessary small appliances
    7 Days Ago
  • H****o
    Very good, small, lightweight and easy to carry, ironing flat
    7 Days Ago
  • C****e
    Small electric iron to slow ☁️ slow with, I am a big man for the first time with an electric iron ⛄️, or more practical, skirt fabric easy ☂️ wrinkle, plug in ☔️ power soon hot, I like this mini version of the ironing machine, really not ☁️ wrong
    7 Days Ago
  • N****W
    Baby received a plug-in trial, heat fast, ironing effect is good, oh, the value is also very high, super like, want to buy the pro do not hesitate, hurry to get it! I hope that durable.
    7 Days Ago
  • Wt****du
    Very small, just a palm-sized, not bulky, feel good, very convenient, does not take up space, personally think it's worth ₍˄-͈༝-͈˄ *₎◞ ̑̑
    7 Days Ago
  • P****a
    This ironing machine really works very well and is exceptionally compact. I used to buy an ironing machine for my dorm room, but it was very large. Because I'm starting school again in September, so I need a smaller ironing machine, this is just right, and the price is cheap. I just tried it and it got hot quickly, not too much preheating time. The appearance is also very good-looking!
    7 Days Ago
  • L****l
    The thing received to take two pleated clothes to try, really good effect, and very small, travel what is also very convenient to carry. Nice Oh ✌️
    7 Days Ago
  • Q****a
    Heating quickly, suitable for carrying out, relatively small, suitable for what shirt ah very easy
    7 Days Ago
  • M****h
    Logistics is very fast, the small iron is very mini, travel with a very convenient to carry, the operation is also very simple, due to something small ironing clothes can not rush, slowly ironing effect is still good.
    7 Days Ago
  • P****o
    Has been used, ironing quite flat, and compact and convenient, affordable, good!
    7 Days Ago
  • Re****on
    Very compact one, very good, very convenient, does not take up space Personally, I think it's still worth it good good
    7 Days Ago
  • Qu****no
    The product is really superb, the next time I will buy, wish to do better and better, very good shopping experience
    7 Days Ago
  • G****J
    Small and lightweight, easy to carry, not easy to operate error, simple and easy to start, not easy to burn, patient ironing an ironing clothes will be flat, quite good, good value for money
    7 Days Ago
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